NEEDED ASAP: Active Friendly Player with Good Scores

Team Oakley recently lost our Leader and I have been promoted! Our club is usually in the top 250 - currently 340 but itโ€™s due to being down 1 player (out leader) & one currently in the hospital!

WE NEED YOU! Come join us while the spot is open! :ok_hand:t3:

Super fun, positive, motivating members who chat a lot with insight, tips, questions, etc!
Send your request asap!

Team Name: Oakley
MY username: DebraInVegas/Need10kPlayrSendReq
Motto: GoldenTikiLovinTeam
15k/week min 24 max idle (or just let us know)
New players 2k before idle

Message me on FB messenger if you request so I can add you asap! (Missdebra82)

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