Need update TPS re: tiki skies glitch

Have sent dozens tickets as required since Tiki Skies stopped payout coins/ wilds. Have received replies it’s in progress. I HAVE ASKED IN TICKETS DO WE STILL NEED TO SEND TICKETS EVERY TIME WE DONT GET PAID UNTIL THIS IS FIXED? I get no answer to that question. I want be sure me team doing as required to be reimbursed and it is UNREASONABLE to expect players to repeatedly send tickets unless they are at risk of not being reimbursed unless they do do. Will admin please advise what process we need to assure reimbursement? Thx!


I understand your frustration and everyone on your teams concern for being compensated for lost items.
I’m guessing the help ticket Feed is very backed up at this time as I know my 1st ticket never got responded to…
I have sent 2 tickets one for each lost items -wilds and coins…as of now my loss has doubled, but from the return email I received it sounds like the fix is coming but they will have to release a update for that…and they won’t compensate players until after the update…
I know the info I’m giving you, you may already know.
And it would Be awesome to know exactly what to do in this situation. But my opinion is if you have a ticket in for each you are on the list to be reimbursed…it may not be exact but I’m sure it will be better then nothing.
I was part of a massive glitch a while ago and it did take some time but I was compensated fairly, I felt.