Need to lower club points for 6th chest!

Need to lower club points for 6th chest! It is very discouraging to our team to get very close but not get the chest and may run away players all together.


Hi @timeless, the trick is setting reasonable goals for your team, and deciding what the requirements need to be to reach those goals.

For instance, in our club, to complete all 6 perks, we require our members to earn 25,000 points a week.

635,000 points (total all 6 perks this week)
/ 25 (club members)
equals 25,400 points per member per week.

Deciding that is the easy part. The hard part is requiring that. The leader sometimes has to decide if reaching that goal is priority or being nice to members who cannot fulfill that requirement.

Good luck to your team.

If you’re getting close to it but just missing the achievement you might think about altering the order of the perks so that perk# 6 is the 3rd perk to be worked upon & completed. After that you may find it easier to complete all of the perks or at least earn better chests.

ie: perk order 1, 2, 6, 5, 4, 3 instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6

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Best order for a lower point requirement is 123645
This will give you perk 6 at 350k to 380k depending on perk 6 has a wild card or volcano card. This will now make easier to get perk 4 and 5 because you will have the golden tiki. You can also move the order to 126345 up to you but perk 3 is only 30k and gives u 4 boosters for two days if u take it before 6. The other thing u can do when the special perk comes u can eliminate perk 4 or 5 or both to get 7. ie 123647 123657 depending on what is in perk 7 will help u decide if you want to give up 4 and or 5. They make the perk order variable to let teams decide which ones are most important. Hope this helps.

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