Need new players

I’m not sure if I’m doing this right I’m trying to post to recruit new club members my club is perky bees. We just started the club in April and half of us were in another club together. It was a great Club in the beginning and we stayed in the 200 and under ranks. But the leader turned very nasty and people started leaving and then she got one of the members to start another club and said she would help her and when the person did she dipped out. Long story short we started the club in April and have awesome players. But having trouble getting that last few spots. We have 18 hour Idol. 25k minimum a week. 3600 a day which is not mandatory it was just put there too make the Slackers play a little more and not stay idle until the last minute. We would like to get back to a better rank. We have good people in our club but communicate and we have a good time and we play hard

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