Need new club today 5 Nov 2021.

I need a new club. One that finishes cqs, tributes, helps each other, chats, plays for gems as a team not individually. I play a minimum of 10,000 cp per week, lots of red stars and tributes. I lost 2/3 of my bank and haven’t been able to make it up playing with a team that couldn’t win cqs and the leader wasn’t assertive enough. I need gems and boosters. Been paying for boosters for months. Help me find a good fit. Fun, friendly, chatty group.


Hi Jewelbn, We would love to have you. Our monthly minimum however is 15000, if you are already doing 10000, it is not too much of a stretch. It is 2200 per day on average.
Our rules are to max the CQ or score 2500 each day, our better players do both but this gives the not as good players a chance. No more than 36 hours idle, unless you let us know, we are aware that life happens. We currently have one player away so her idle time often passes 36 hours but she does what she can and we realize that she cannot play like she usually does until she gets back at the end of the month.
We are Always Rejoice, we are invite-only, so let me know if you want to join and I will keep an eye out for you. We have our moments when we are concentrating on getting CQ’s and other times when we are chatting. Most of the players will say we are like family and we support each other. We love players to use chat, so it sounds like you will fit in.
If you decide to join us, we always give new players a chance to get into sync with us, sometimes it takes a couple of weeks.
Reply and let me know if you are wanting to join us and I will keep an eye out for you.

Cathy - Always Rejoice

Please join our great club Mayhem A-Go-Go. We just now have an opening.
Barbara - San Diego - leader

We would love to have you at Left Sharks. Come on over!

Sounds like you’re not getting the rewards you need to succeed. DreamTeam gets 6 chests min and sometimes the special perk. The extra rewards will help you get the score you desire and stop paying your money, that’s awful. Hope to see you soon :blush:

I’d love to try with your team to see if it is a good fit for me. I have been in 3 teams in less than 2 months.

Try our crew, we have a great team amd toy would be a good fit

We’d love to have you at “Our Crew”! We have a great, chatty group that has moved up quickly in a short time. Sounds like you’d be right at home with us!!