Need new club, perk 6 first

Looking for a new club who does perk 6 first, then chills. I can play hard for a couple of days, but want to chill the rest of the week. I used to be a co in a diamond team, but need more time freed up with my family

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Playing 4 fun, a gold club (week 1 in gold and in top 3) looking for daily chatty active players to get us to the next league. There is a few other clubs with the same name. We do perks 1,2,5,3,4,6. Once I have enough members to get six done I will change perk order. interested look for the one with Nicole as the leader. Hope to see you there.

Tribute Hunters sounds like a good plan. We are a gold team this summer. We always finish the perks and love the gold digging competition we normally finish 1 or 2. Check us out.

Hi AlexB!

We don’t play perk #6 first. Perk order: 1-6-2-4-5-3-S. We usually complete the first perk within the 1st hour after reset. We usually have perk #6 by Saturday morning/afternoon. All perks with the exception of special, are completed by Sunday evening.

It depends on the pts needed for special, but we usually have it by Wednesday evening.

Club rules: 2k before 1st idle, min 2k pt a day, No tribute requirement, Max all Cqs & post in chat when completed. No 24 hr idle unless communicated. If extended time is needed we have a rest team. Digging optional, 10 shovel min. No digging until current CQ maxed. Chat is optional. If interested, we have a fb page where we share tips & tricks.

Please consider joining the Couch Potatoes (Leader Vicky, Co-Leaders Kiki, Kathy, & ShadyGrady). We have several players that came from Legend/Diamond Leagues, who also left due to the demands. Currently we are Diamond, but move between Platinum & Diamond.

We are laid-back, fun, chatty group! We strive to have the benefits of Legend teams w/o the crazy demands…because life comes first!

Good Luck finding a great team!


Sounds like what I’m looking for. Can you invite?

I’m interested! Love to play and I love getting those perks and not waiting until the last minute! Sign me up!