Need new club at reset

Looking for new club at reset. Can do 900-1000 tributes and 80k

We are a platinum club looking for players at reset. We require 28k and 175 tributes weekly no 20 hour idle. Based on your points, have you looked through the clubs section? There are some higher ranking clubs that fit with your score looking for players.

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Would love to have you. Let me know

What group are you? Most likely yes.

we are a Gold Team. Our name is Long Friends

We just went through some upsets, so we are rebuilding. Woukd live to have you build with us. Will be making quota changes at reset so that new people (we have 5) can learn and build

Post a screenshot of your club so she can search to find it.

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This is copy code it gave me.
I’m new to screenshor

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You can message me on fb Sandy Wimett

Send a request to team 11:11.

I found 2 clubs with that name. I don’t see you on there Greg. We are Long Friends Gold team, come on over. pI know someone has a team in Wood with the same name ugh.

Try Jolly Mon. Diamond league. 50 K per week. Club quests required

Karen if u haven’t found a club BAMA GANG is looking we r Diamond we chat & encourage everyone

Karen, if you haven’t found a place you’re happy with yet, check out Perk 6.
We’re a Diamond team and growing. Although we achieve well, we’re still casual at heart. We aren’t hard core and are laid back people.
There’s a core of us who chat and camaraderie there is GREAT.

We’ll be looking for up to 2 new players at reset.
25k (minimum) by Wednesday evening.
100 tributes.
Complete Club Quests (and comment in chat when you do).
Participate in Coin Shares.
Check box for free Club Gift.

Do you still have open slots? I’m looking for a new competitive club.

Try club hnic … GREAT CLUB!!!