Need info on scoring please!

Why do the coins it shows me winning…not match the coins added to my balance after game ends? If I win 5,000 coins I might get 2,000…if I win 9,000, I might only get 3,000?.Thank you in advance for any answers.


That’s because the coins won represent all the coins won for the specific level including during the game. Meanwhile the coins being added are only from the speed and completion bonuses and exclude the coins accumulated during the playing of the level.


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Can’t really help hun but I experience the same thing during the games but I’m So SICK of contacting them. At the mo. If things Don’t improve when my coins run out - I’m done lol

Welcome wickedwolf, this is the place to be for finding answers & more to your questions, fortunately some other team player answered your question perfectly, I am just here welcoming you to the forum, I encourage you to explore and do alot of reading on Tripeaks, have a great one


Thank you…read the answers lol just not sure I fully understand the answer.

Thank you all for the welcome & response.

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When you play each level you get points while playing. These points don’t get added to the total at the end but are included in the total points.

The only points that do get added are the points for the time bonus and completing the game.

So for your first scenario: 3000 coins are being made while you play and another 2000 for finishing the game for a total of 5000, but only 2000 are added at the end of the game.