LifeisBeautiful are looking for players who can help finish GEM QUEST NEXT 1,5 HOUR. We are in Diamond League & are also looking for two new players that like a fun loving chatty team :hugs:

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Tripeaks Leaders & Co Leaders United has 172 members. A place where Leaders & Co Leaders can join along with Leaders & Co’s who don’t have a full team. Everyone should have the chance to learn &…

Are you a leader or co leader & would like to learn more & or teach others about the game? We now have a FB group where you can do just that. There’s a lot of tips & support from other leaders & co leaders. We all want to be better leaders for our teams & so far we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from everyone.
Come join us. :cherry_blossom:

When you request to join by hitting Facebook Groups above… you’ll need to answer the questions, accept the rules & send a screenshot to an admin of your horns or co leader next to your name or you won’t be accepted. Thank you.