Need help with update

Game made me update to play, I closed it, updated and no can’t play. It says I still need to update. I’ve tried rebooting and still nothing.

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Same here. This happened after I made a purchase. Please fix this or I want my money back.

I updated game know I can’t get on

It just let me back on

Same here. Won’t let me log in or play,

Try rebooting your device. That helped a few people so far!

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Miss Kathie can’t get on at all and it took me for ever to get on we should get some thing for not able to play the game

I encountered the same thing. What worked for me was uninstalling & reinstalling the game, quick & easy - no probs after that. Even if you aren’t playing with your FB login, you should still have all your progress & acquirements saved (according to Tripeaks).

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