Need help with new phone

I have just installed app on my new phone and gone to Sign in with face book it says if I continue to switch accounts it will remove access to my current game account. I have been playing for years and don’t want to Lose my progress will This happen if I continue


Was your current game loaded when you opened the app?
If so that would lead me to believe you had your Facebook open on your new phone also and it linked…
@CindyLu has good info on Facebook linked accounts.

As I’m very new to the Facebook thing as I only got it when tripeaks announcement of Apple/Facebook to save progress. (A few months back) before I was linked I thought as an Apple user I could play the game on either of devices my tablet died one day and I needed to finish a quest, well needless to say I wasn’t linked then and my game did NOT come up when I opened the on my phone.

Absolutely contact customer support. I had 2 accounts. I am lost 1 of them exactly like that. 1+ million coins, wilds, and boosters just gone. Never recovered them or received compensation for it from gsn

@Lisa_Harvey, one question, just to be sure. New phone, newly installed app, you signed in to one connected account already, and now you would like to access another connected account, right?

If so, you won’t lose anything if BOTH accounts are connected to separate FB or Apple ID accounts.

The only accounts that are getting lost, are the accounts I call “Logged Out” accounts. Those are accounts that have never been logged in. Example: some people used to have an account that is Logged in (to Apple ID or FB), and then they would Log out to play another account. TriPeaks basically eliminated the ability to Log out.

You can however, Sign out (that’s what they call it now), and Sign back in to another account that is linked to a FB or Apple ID account. You just have to be sure both accounts are linked (connected).

This is what I do (my accounts are connected to FB):

Go on FB,

  • log out,
  • then log back in to your 2nd FB account

Go on Tripeaks,

  • tap accounts, Sign out of Facebook,
  • then immediately tap Sign into Facebook.

It will then load the game connected to your 2nd FB account

I have received that message about the account being deleted if I continue, but I’m SURE they meant if it is not connected to FB or Apple ID. I ignored it, and did it anyway, because I know all of my accounts are connected, and are not a Logged out account.