Need friends to help and share coins

We all can receive coins from a maximum of 20 Facebook friends a day.
If you need more friends like I do, send me a friend request. Please send me a message on messenger that you are sending a friend request for TriPeaks Solitaire so I don’t delete the request.

Kathryn Dillenbeck Saunders


I want to get coins and give them . but don’t know how?

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In order to get help (coins) you have to have friends on Facebook that play TriPeaks Solitaire. If you don’t have any friends on Facebook that play the game, you can put in a request in the Forum and have people send you friend requests. I suggest getting more than 20 friends as some people may go on vacation or something might come up…that way you have a few extra people that will be able to share coins with you.
Once you have friends that play the game, to request for help, you will see the Facebook icon “f” at the top of the map in TriPeaks Solitaire. Click on it and select all friends and click Send to send your request.
When your friends send you coins, you will find them in your IN box (mail box).
Collect your coins your friends send you, then make sure you click on the next tab and help them out by sending them coins back to them.

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Aynat Trok sent you a friend request. My fb is Dave Tests and I use my fb for playing

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is there a time limit? now I see its 24 hours. can that be changed to 12 hours? I pick the lowest coin amount when watching the ads for coins. then run out of ads to view. and friends to send coins. Our quest is still going.

I could really use friends to share coins with I almost spent 10$ for more coins I’m hooked request Sheri Lorraine Musick

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A better trick is to search clubs, add the top 10 players of the highest clubs. Than if you get to many friends go through shares and erase as needed.

Can you send me some coins. I’m struggling to stay afloat in this game

@SheriLorraineMusick can you possibly send me some coins. I’m struggling to stay afloat in this game. I help so many however never receive any