Need couple solid daily players for friendly team

Are you still looking to settle into a comfortable team? Our core team has been together for many years. Our team has 2 openings. Had to cut some players who weren’t following rules, minimums or chat. We have 25K weekly with 275 Tribute minimum . Nice helpful team. Typically comfortable in Mid Platinum but bounced into Gold couple times. Focus on Club Quests & teamwork. Active diggers for those interested. 24 hr idle max.
Team is Just for fun. There are many teams with this name. Leader is Chester Badger. PLATINUM this tournament.

Let us know if interested. Have couple borderline players helping team meet CQ minimums.

I can try for 25k a week but I usually can guarantee 15k .

We can give it a try and help give some tips to increase scores. What team are you in and what is player name? We are little difficult to find as there are so many teams with same name.

Chat and CQs are required. Are you good with that?

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Team: Just for fun
Level: Platinum
Minimums: 25K & 275 Tributes (new players are lower)
Need daily players ready for teamwork with friendly group.
Leader group: Chester, Sally, Brian, Diva

Let us know if you are interested in an invitation.