Need ambitious to fierce players

Caticorns is a fun group for everyone who is a ambitious to a fierce player we have finished 1st in leauges so far and currently in second place on stone leauge. I ask that noone is 2 days idol and that you contribute to tributes and free gift in shop as you get random items from it. Very easy to get along with group just need some more active people have about 5 spaces that opened today for people being idol too long. Have any questions just ask away.


I’m looking to find a new club…my current club never unlocks and earns the club quests about 20% of the time. I finish in top 3 players almost weekly (other than when on vacation or sick). Please let me know if you would be interested

My club still has an opening we are currently working on perk 5 and have very active club and members club gift is the only thing we havent been able to consistently recieve

Hello…can you tell me the name of your club? I’m unable to find that information on here

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Club name is caticorns