Need a new club!!

Half of my club left in a mass exodus overnight after getting frustrated with the competition digging (I’ve never played in the competition.) I’m looking for a new club that completes cq’s and isn’t too strict. I avg at least 25 tribs/3500 points a day, I’m very friendly, and have been in the platinum league for awhile. I play every day as long as I have coins, but also have a life outside of tripeaks and wish to be a member of a club that has a good balance of competition/ life outside of tripeaks.

TikiTaki is my username


Hi! Please come join us in Tiki Central. We are a Platinum, easy going, supportive and friendly Club. We would love to have you! :blush:


Hey @TikiTaki the Resty Place would love to have you. Here are our rules. Let me know what you think. You don’t have to dig.

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Friende would love to welcome you! We are very easygoing.

Come join us at The Takeover 2!!! We are friendly and competitive, but not cutthroat. We average 4-5 trunks a week, and strive for all our cqs. Come, relax, and we’ll win together. :wink:

Hi TikiTaki - you would fit perfectly with Showmetheapples! Our daily minimums are 3500 Club Points and 25 Tributes! We are a friendly top 15 Platinum team and our perk order is 126354S. Digging is optional. Using a Chat is a must when you max a Club Quest or will be idle for an extended period of time. Join us today!!

Come to questers…welcoming

Try us, Too Cool we may work

Raspberry Berets would love to have you! We ask 10k/100 tribs per week. Always get a minimum of 5 perks done. We love to play daily but also enjoy our lives. As long as ppl communicate when they have long absences we are good.

dual who’s is looking, we are laid back, recognize down time

I’m looking for a few new players….
Platinum team, reasonable requirements……Search for
Team Winning Shellie is the team leader.
Team is set to public right now
If you would like to join to just check and see if your skills are comparable to the team’s that would be great.

tomboys is looking for team players come check us out

Hi TikiTaki our club is “work 2gethr”. The main rules r do tributes 2 keep the volcano cool & the max u can be off the game is 5 days. We r starting 2 get a good TEAM. If ur off the game for 3 or 4 days & have Not done any any tributes 4 ur level u can b booted out. I started this club 2 help Not harm. If u have real life things come up & r unable 2 play like hospital or family life let me no I won’t remove u. I dont hav FB We r public so u can come ovr if u want. Email me @ if something comes up. We r stone right now having problems getting a few people motivated but we try. My name shows up as Flo come on peeps. Hav a gud day hav fun & b safe :wink::upside_down_face:

Put solitaire tripeak in the subject that way if u go 2 junk mail I can find u :innocent::sunglasses:

Ravenclaw Tower has just been formed and I am looking for new dedicated members. I would love for you to join as a co-leader!

Please join A Poifect Place. We have fairly lax rules. 36 hours max idle, minimum 32 tributes per week, keep volcano cool, help on quests. We try to do competitions, but we’re having trouble getting members to qualify. We need players who help the team.

Come join our team…top gold and platinum is how we rank every week. We’re a great friendly team. Family life is a part of us all. We simply ask to be a team player, give notice when you can’t play for a couple of days, chat, digging is not required, and club quests if a great reward you will be ask to so your best. We are private, so give Nana’s Natives a try.

Hi Tikitaki. Check out Mereves Tikis…gold league… friendly club…competitive but not anal…I guarantee you will love us… x

Well I understand you’re looking for a club I’m in a pretty good club we’re short on members where in the gold league we need a couple players that are good players so that we can win like we should we have one of the last two competitions we win pretty often if you’re looking for one come and check us out it’s called fun for All

I’m sorry to hear about your club. If you like you can take a look at Cat Lovers. I was having the same issue as you. I even tried to start my own club. Nobody wanted to follow the rules. So it was just me. The club I’m with now is nice. Not big on chatting.