Need A New Club To Join

People in the club I was in play and play and play and pay no attention to the volcano and it blew up. I had played it down to the middle and took a break and get back and it’s blown up so I left. I want to be in a club that pays attention to that thing. Myself and two other people kept it down the most so if you would like a new club member, hit me up. I have good days and bad so hopefully that will not be a problem.

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Friende could use another player. Easy rules just let us know when you can’t play.

Cool. I’ll look you up then. I can usually play a lot during the day but I will let you know when I can’t.

Also, find me in the friend center. I’m good at returning coins when requested. I’m under Maria in there.


Solitary Fun is a diamond level club. Come check us out!

check out PP Casual we are platinum team with 15k min 24 hr idle without notification

Please check our Suzez Club out! We are a Gold to Platinum club. Very friendly members. Laid back with very reasonable requirements! We have 2 openings! Would love to have you!!

Thanks. I’m in one now so I’m gonna see how it goes.

Join Yorkshire T, we all keep it cool, it never goes off.

Great! Hope it works out for you! If not, you’re welcome to join ours!

Our team is High Times and we are in need of some faithful players who want to play the tributes and club quests while they play for fun.

Thanks everyone. I’ll keep all of these in mind.

Check out Tikieliterebeks,we are looking for new daily players

Come join the DIRTY DUCKS! We all play the volcano, club quests & free gift. We’d live to have you in our duck pond.

P.O.I. needs good daily players! Have no limits on how much you play, just that you contribute daily and not go idle for more than 48 hrs, unless u state u need to be on vacation list. Friendly bunch of folks!

Serious Fun, we’re waiting for you.

TikiEliteRebels are looking for good players. All I ask is that you play at least once daily, follow Perk Order and contact me if you will be unable to play for awhile, so I don’t remove you.

We are a friendly Club and work hard together with competions.

Please come and join us.