Need a few players for our club "the bestest"

Looking for 3k a day …help with the club quests and a minimum or 21k a week. Great group of dedicated players that could use your help in restoring our platinum status. So please consider joing the bestest…all lowercase and hope to see you there. -Rick

Hi! I was looking for a club that is fun, casual but is still able to get all the perks including the bonus ones at the end. I’m currently in a diamond club where all perks are won, so I can definitely put in the points and time but I also have a real life. Does this club get all the perks at the end of the tournament? Also is there a tributes amount requirement? Is there a “life list” in case of emergencies or if I can’t play a certain day? The diamond club I’m in allows that if there is a two day notice for an expected absence. The like the team I’m in but it is becoming more competitive and the daily & weekly requirements continue to rise.

Hi Angela
We used to get all the perks then we really started losing people…some were not really playing at all…less than 6k a week. Recently we could not get club quests as the people playing were maxing out but didn’t have enough players. So we are looking to add to those players. I have a 6 and a 2 year old so I know about time constraints. I get anywhere from 20 to 75 a week depending on time. Give us a try …we can sure use you. Thanks