Need a couple of good daily players

International, bilingual team looking for daily players. Currently diamond but are looking to move up. Club rules are the usual: 2K upon joining club, 6K & 50 tributes a day, must max club quests & check chat, no idle over 24hrs without notice. 6K/day is minimum but goal is higher. We have a facebook page for club members. We will have 2 openings at reset. If interested let me know. Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Portuguese & I believe French & German. If you think you’d be a good fit, message me or ask to join Borrico Volador

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I’d like to join! I play every day.

Hey Luciene- What is your typical point average? You can either send request to join club or let me know what club you’re in now and I can send an invite.

Thanks for the attention but I was checking on your club and even though I play every day I’m still new at this game and I’m not good for your club yet. Yet. I’ll get there hahaha

Ok, thanks for being honest about it. Good luck finding a club