Need a Club? We need you.

Well Higher Class club needs you. Come join us. Don’t worry if you do want to join us but it looks full, I can,and will delete members who have not played in a long time, and add you.

I’m looking to join the club

Hi Robyn, send me your request to join Higher Class. We would be happy to have you join us. All we ask is that you try to play once a day, and of at least send out coins to players as often as you can each day. Thank You. We look forward to you playing with us.

Need 5 players just play every day the crazy 9ne

I need a club. I can hit 40k/wk. May be idle longer than asked, but play daily, gift and WILL hit my weekly min.

We have 2 spots in our club we are a platium league and ask for 25 to 30k we would love your work you put in our club your the people we are looking for we get all 6 perks and bonus one too most times and we 10th in our league too.
All we ask is that you daily player and hit over 200 tributes a week with all completing your share in club quest as we love to get them also to put max when you done your part.
Also we a chatty bunch too and have a laugh etc. We are called sonnynkelly our club name would love you to send the request over to be part of our team

Blunt force needs members

Send me a request uh

Angeta, if you are still looking for a club, just send your request to Higher Class club and I will add you.