Need a club -very active player

I’m a very active player I just joined my club a few days ago maybe. 2.5k+ in lifetime club points and 55 tributes. Would like a group that actually chats too >.> I want to learn new tricks and am a quick learner. I’m also fun :smiley:

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Check out Eagle’s Nest and send a request if interested. We have a great team!

the only Eagle’s nest club I found 95% of the team hasn’t been on in a month or longer. ?

We are ranked 95, check the list and click!

Friende is accepting players. We are an easy going club, not anywhere near the top 100, but looking to moving up

I requested :grin: thank you

It won’t allow me to join, I’m only on island # 2

my club “Serious Players” has a spot open.
Let me know if you are interested.

I’ll go change it if you still want to join.

Yes the club I’m in doesn’t chat lol

Me too. I’m an active player too and my team my team doesnt chat either. Its mainly who joined and then who quit or who was removed. Lol And I really want to get all the Perks every week! We only get 5 :sneezing_face:

Our club “Serious Players” has an opening. Most of us chat.

If you let me know a time when you are playing I will change the settings so you can join. Otherwise people join who don’t play

Check out Melenka we are looking for active players and have a great time chatting and playing

We have a great team and 1 spot open, we all chat and we are all like family, check us out Chillin2

SAJohnson, how are you in playing, do you get high points, my club is looking for an individual with starting point of 6K daily, what do you think?

We are like family. Come join the TriPeaks Freaks

Hi there. We love to chat so check out Fancy Pants!!

Did you find a club to joint yet? We love to chat, we also realize people have a life and can’t play all the time. We also exchange daily coins with each other, fb club and usually finish 5 of the 7 perks each week!

Tiki Wiki is looking for active, chatty players. Play daily & chat daily. We play for fun with the goal to finish all perks and enjoy the rewards as a team.