Need 5 new players asap

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Mini Mutiny is looking for 5 new players to complete our amazing club!

We are a steady platinum club striving for diamond! 10k by Saturday evening, and 35k by Thursday evening.

Looking for players who enjoy playing daily, understand the importance of not being idle for more than 20hrs. Who are committed to having fun, getting perks, communicate via chat.
We’d love to have you!


Hello!! I am Leatha, leader of Tribute Treasures!! We are looking for fun, new players!! We recently lost a few key players due to life but are looking to rebuild.
We require members to play all CQs, Tributes, and maintain 20K per week. We are a group that likes to win but not at the expense of our home life. We are not obsessed with game, just want to play!!
Our #1 rule is to relax and have fun!!
If interested, please check us out :smile:


Me… I’m interested in joining

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Are you still interested in a group? I just became the leader and we are in need of additional players! We would be happy to include you on our fun team!

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I would love to be added

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Awesome our team is New Sensation.

I apologize I am still learning the ropes to get you added.

Are you on a team now?

Would love to join. currently on a platinum team and do 35k per week.

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Tiki Tornados are also looking for players, we are a diamond league team, 34k minimum points per week.

I’d love to join your club if you’d have me! My name is Babygirl. I like to play everyday. Let me know if I interest you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would love to be part of a team that is having fun and still trying their best to be a winner. Past experience with a team - well the team was always so close to that sixth goal but left out the fun and no relaxation at all! You guys sound like a really fun group! And now I just joined any team open and sometimes I think it is a ghost team because there are no leaders and no conversation…very strange!

Active players is looking for more players! Competitive team that gets all chests and most club quests while understanding you also have a life! Come join us!

Hi my name is Kim and I would like to join your group I am a everyday player


Perky Tiki’s is accepting new daily players. If you go to clubs and search Perky Tiki’s you should find us. We are a fun and everything team to play with!

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Tiki-Time is needing a few dedicated members. We are rebuilding. We are looking for at least 5 new members and a couple of co leaders. I woke up, one morning to find myself Leader. PLEASE JOIN US! We can build a strong team together. 10 strong players in our core group.

Are you still looking for players?

Special K has openings. We are at platinum level🙂

I am on the same type of team, I have no idea who the leads are and we’ve dropped from platinum to gold because it’s easier. I am looking for a fun team . Thank