Need 3 new, team oriented players

We have 3 openings due to players not participating.
We are a fun, relatively low pressure club with minimal chat required (report maxed CQ’s or give a reason why you can’t max ASAP) social chat not required but is an active board and you’re welcome to chat. We’ve been a consistent top Platinum club and are diamond this week and will likely go between the two or stay diamond with 3 solid players. We need some new, hungry players. Change your name from guest, do perks in set order and have fun. Weekly goal is 20k min. but most do 30k+. We normally hit all the quests. No getting kicked out after being a member a while because you came up short one week. As long as you communicate. We always get all 6 perks and get 7 fairly regularly. No idle over 24hrs unless you chat a reason. Produce consistently and you get a little leeway for a bad week. Club is “No F’s to Give” come on if this sounds like what you want. We’d welcome 3 from the same team if you have friends that want to move with you. We prefer you to be above level 250 and have at least 2k gold stars but will give a newer player a chance if you think you can meet our goals.