Naughty Auties has openings

Looking for a change? Please don’t be put off by our name. It was the childhood nickname of the person who started the club and TriPeaks won’t let us change it. We’re really very nice.
I’ve been the club leader for about 3 years. We have a number of long term players and are a club with a lot of team spirit. We ask that players read the club notes and work towards a weekly goal of 20,000 points and 200 tributes and the club quests. We have our own Facebook page to better communicate with each other but it is not a requirement to join.
We have lost a few players recently and are looking for new players to join our team.
I am going to open the group to public membership for a while so players can come in and look around to see if they are a good fit with us. So come on in and check us out.