MyLuckIsMany we are looking for players

We are like a family and we are looking for 4 new members who are prepared to work together.
17k min per week.
Certain club quests are mandatory.
Must play 24hourly unless on holiday.
4k b4 idle after joining.
Platinum club.
We have a messenger group to chat and post.
Holidays are allowed as long we are notified.
Request to join “MyLuckIsMany”

I’m looking for a new club,am currently in in 3 simple rules

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Do you dig. I have two good players looking for such a team. We are interested only in getting club points so perks are made. Can comply
With what else you have stated.

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Please request to join us

Yes we do. Usually I say dig after they have maxed the club quest but as long as I can see they are doing both then no problem.
Get them to request to join.

Hi, we would love to have you, please request to join.