My wish list and new event idea

Please can you pass my list and event idea on to the game developers for consideration.

If a player is struggling with a club quest, once they have completed a certain amount they should have a help button where a player who has maxed can do a portion of that players quest. Or In the final 4hrs maxed players can help finish the quest

With club quests it would nice to for the people who max to receive prize, and/or a constellation prize if quest is lost

To be able to send 1,000 free coins to your team mates everyday, on top of the facebook friends.

For the leader and co leaders to message people in game so, it goes to their inboxes

When you watch the videos, coins are great but it would be nice to have some other prizes.

Love the free treasure match days. Would like it to be possible to earn club points for each level completed on treasure match even if it’s just 10 points lvl one 20 points lvl 2 etc. Would also life to see other boosts as prizes as well as wild and volcano cards.

I like the idea as others have said to change the club gift tick box to maxed quest box. Another idea is a notification goes into the club inbox for the leader and co-leaders to see.

Would like to see some more variety in club quests. Like the ones on daily and bonus quests
Collect x amount of tributes
Clear x amount of a certain suit
Clear x amount of a certain card

Larger prizes on club quests and daily quests. With more variety of prizes for club quest. (Example a mixed pack of reward cards a mixed pack of boosters, chests volcano cards)

Run double prize weeks on club/daily quests

Like double the prize on the red star leaderboard it would be nice to this on the great race. Also it would be nice to have a different prizes occasionally like volcano cards

Run a 24hrs specials every so often, where you offer a discount 25-50% on either Game entry/buying tribute games/add more cards

Do the momo cards as a prize. In either events, quest or as part of a perk.

Do x amount of minutes Free Play Maybe (60/90/120+minutes)
as a prize, for club/event quest.

When you have free plays, I would like there to be an option at the start of each game if you want to use free play or coins. As when playing tributes I hate using free plays on the cheaper levels.

When you get a 30 minute prize on your daily login, I would like to choose when to activate it.

Would like to see event where each choice is a different 10 pack of boosters.

Would like to be able to do more that one of the events.

My new event idea
I am calling it Prize Totem
Similar to a the choose 3 event. But instead of doing one quest for one prize you can do 3 quests for 3 prizes.So example would be have a 3 section totem, Each quest would be slightly harder than the previous working from the bottom of the totem up. So the prize would get bigger as you climb the totem. You could have a different prize in each section. Or you could have the same prize (coins/reward cards)but get more in each section. You could also do it so the player has a choice of totem, as not everyone can play at the same level.

Thank you for reading