My other account won't load

Has any body else experienced the fact that they cannot log out of there Facebook any longer and I think that that’s BS as I’ve got alot of money invested in my other account i think that this is CRAHAP SHAKES HEAD DOES ANYBODY ELSE AGREE

OMgosh @KimmiP53, I’m sorry that happened, and you weren’t prepared. There should be something in your inbox. I’ve also had pop ups telling me to check out the new guidelines. I guess this is finally being implemented. Read about it here

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Yep I just lost my other why we couldn’t keep both accounts I spent way rooming money

yep I know and now I’m totally at the end of serenity springs and theres no where for me to go and in my event center it says that I should keep playing ti unlock the next island to continue with today’s event. Does anybody know what that means as I’m completely stuck on stupid as I cant go any further I am literally stuck in serenity springs the only other place i can go is expert levels and what’s the fun in those as theres no treasures to go after or nothing like that yanno so please help me peeps thanks alot

Unfortunately you cannot play in the event because you completed all the levels that were available to you. They release new levels every few weeks, when exactly I myself do not know as I don’t play the newest levels

Oh ok so I’m just supposed to wait then I guess??. As there tech teams come up with newer stuff for people like me then as I miss going after treasures as that’s half the fun and the star bonuses yanno anyways thanks for the info