"My Home Makeover" Category for "My Year in the Pandemic" Contest!

Post your before and after pictures below for the “My Home Makeover” Category in the Solitaire TriPeaks “My Year in the Pandemic” Contest, and don’t forget that the pictures MUST include your name(Forum name is fine), today’s date, and the date that the “After” picture was taken.

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malorenz - 4/29/21 - Before Picture Jan 19, 2020 - After Picture Jan 7, 2021

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Our daughter’s wedding was canceled due to Covid so we redid our backyard and hosted her wedding! Katherine Bradford first pictures taken March 2020. Other pictures taken September 19, 2020.

I remodeled our guest bedroom to make it more cozy for guest

this is my room after the makeover. Couldn’t get both pics to post together

My home makeover, we painted the house and replaced the facia board

May 15, 2021
After pictures: May 2, 2021

I turned my laundry room into a pantry not sure of the dates but I believe it was from November 2020 to December 2020. Made all shelves nothing was Premade. The boxes was my template.


“Our lanai ceiling is peeling!” I hollered, “Oh my!”
As I pointed out bubbles and holes to my guy.

“A quick fix, my dear, it’s just spackle and sand—”
but soon he discovered more trouble at hand.

No primer up there meant more moisture would bubble
any new ceiling paint; that would be trouble.

Despite ‘pandemic time’, the job took a back shelf
to baking, reading, and TV—and did not fix itself.

Months passed when he said “TODAY is the day—
to tackle that spackle and get this job on its way!”

Well—that “quick fix” grew to a major redo:
peel, spackle, sand, primer, then ceiling paint, too.

What was started in April and completed by May:
turned our once peeling ceiling
more appealing—

  • top photo taken in Summer 2020
  • middle photo taken April 2021
  • bottom photo taken May 18, 2021

submitted by WaikikiMe 5/19/2021

Tory May 26th, 2021
Remodel photo taken January 2021

We bought a fixer upper right before the pandemic hit… and now we are finally getting to do some remodeling. My amazing husband, Scott put in some beautiful french doors just a few of days ago, May 21st. Thank you for letting me show off his work!
Jill Baggiore
(Today is May 27th)