My game got deleted

Anyone one know anything about games getting deleted because I was really far and it started all over does anyone know how to recover this if so please help me**


If you were linked to the game using FB or Apple ID prior, you can log in by going to MENU and then ACCOUNTS. If not, you can try contacting GSN support, MENU then HELP or email them:


That doesn’t work either because as of today I was logged out for done reading I was just on last night no problem I was way far in game I belong to a wonderful club now it will not sign me back in it forced me to start all over!!
I am so PISSED THE HELL OFF!!! i was signed out for some unknown reason it signed me in with another account and will not allow me back in to my original game PLEASE if anyone here is from the TheATeam Please let David know I am known as MeMawMoo “MMM” it is forcing me to replay everything it will not even allow me to find my team to notify them! What do I Do??? HELP PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!

Did you already go to MENU on the top left to sign in using Facebook or Apple ID?

The only thing I know Is make sure you use the same email address. I got new device and thought wow, now I have to start from scratch, then it ask me if I wanted to continue with the email already connected or start again. I was relieved when this came up, I’m back to where I left off on old device. I’d contact admin ask them to assist, if this option hasn’t come up for you and if your using same login details. Good luck, nothing worse than starting from scratch.

Yes I did and I hit the same thing as always and it signed me in with this other one Facebook instead of the Facebook I always use and in the Facebook app it wont even let me go to tripeaks page

Bugger. I hope you get it sorted.

If you’re using a browser to sign into Facebook, make sure to clear all data and if you’re using the app, make sure you are logged out as well.

sign out of your Facebook account and sign in to the one you want to use. I have 2 FB acct and you can only play on the one linked to it.