My Facebook account got connected to someone else's tripeaks account

The title pretty much says it all. But for a little more context, I let a friend log into their tripeaks account on my phone and now when I try to login to my Facebook in tripeaks, it still loads my friends account.

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Apart of the new change in april. About the new apple I’d and losing guest accounts. what they are really saying is once you have connected your account to Facebook then that’s it. You have your 1 account. there will no longer be people having multiple accounts on 1 device. you will not be able to switch, even if they are attached to Facebook or apple id. you got caught in the crossfire.

Click the profile picture on the game, sign out and Log in to yours.
As long as your original account was tied to Facebook this should work


I’ve tried that repeatedly. Every time my friends account comes back up.

Did your friend sign out of Facebook?


@Wolfy_Peaks, when your friend used your
phone to play TriPeaks, was their account previously connected to their FB?

If so, the only way your friend could have connected to their FB connected account, is to log out of your FB on your phone, and log into their FB account, then log in on FB.

If your friends TriPeaks account has never been linked to FB, then,

Was your TriPeaks account ever linked to your FB account before your friend logged in?

If so, then maybe your FB app is still signed in to your friends account.

If not, then your friend inadvertantly linked their TriPeaks account to your FB account.

If that happened, because neither of you were linked before this happened, maybe your friend will let you log into their FB account on your phone and save your progress on their FB.

If none of this is it, I might need more details

Crossing my fingers for you :crossed_fingers:


My account was linked to my Facebook. My friend’s account was linked to his Facebook. I logged out of Facebook and he logged in. He played on his account. He logged out of his Facebook and I logged back into mine and it took me back to his account.

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@Wolfy_Peaks, have you completely shut off your phone and started it back up again yet?

Are you on an iPhone by chance? If so Safari does some weird things sometimes. It helps to clear Safari cache.

You could also uninstall and reinstall the game app, without losing any progress.

Let us know if these doesn’t work, and we’ll see if we can think of anything else.



It’s an Android phone. I uninstalled the game this morning, shut the phone off, and went to work. Came back, turned the phone back on, reinstalled the game, logged back into MY Facebook, and up came my friends account again.

OMgosh @Wolfy_Peaks! I can not imagine what happened to your account!

Did you try logging out to see what happens?

Does that start a new, from the beginning, account?

By logging out, I mean just in the game


Yeah. I log out and the game reloads with a brand new guest account, but then I log back into my Facebook and it takes me back to my friend’s account.

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Hey! Try going into your account in the forum. It gives you the option of deleting the fbook account associated with your device. I hope this works! If it does, PLEASE reply to let us all know

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@Jaquelyne_Hurley, that is just on the forum, and not in the game, but good try!

AND, gives me an idea!

You can unlink your game from Facebook, in Facebook! Let me refamiliarize with the steps, brb!

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@Wolfy_Peaks, try this:

In FB:
Settings & Privacy
(Under Security)
Apps and Websites
Logged in with Facebook

Scroll all the way down, and choose
Remove App

Then when you log in again (from TriPeaks) hopefully it connects correctly!


I couldn’t bring myself to do it. When I read the page it said that if I disconnected my Facebook, Tripeaks might delete my account and I’ve got over 3 and a half million coins on that account.

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@Wolfy_Peaks, I have reset my FB connection a few times, with no problems.

I might mention that I have 5 accounts on 5 devices, and have uninstalled, reinstalled, unlinked, relinked, everything you can think of - and the only problem I had was with an account not ever linked to FB, and I had to do a factory reset.

Once linked to FB, you are good to log in from any device.

In fact, if you are nervous about it, do you have an old phone, or tablet or something you can try on?

Follow the steps above to see if it actually FB is linking you to your friends account.

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