My app isnt responding on my phone..can't play tripeaks for 2 days now..why

My app isnt responding on my phone…can’t play tripeaks for 2 days now…why…it asks me if I want to wait or close app…what can i do to get it to respond? so i can play?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your phone? If you are logged into the game through fb everything should be backed up. Or even just clearing the cache can sometimes help when that screen pops up.


I haven’t logged into the game through fb before, so nothing would be backed up :frowning: and when it opens the game on my phone, it just sits…i press wait …it doesnt allow me to clear or do anything at all… I guess i’ll have to install and reinstall and lose the info…bummer.

Even if you not a Facebook member you can offload the game and reinstall. I do it all the time. And have not lost anything.
The game is linked with the address from what ever product u play on…(unless u link w Facebook, then you can play 2games on 1device, 1player threw Facebook and 1player on the drive of your product)
I’m not linked to Facebook

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just curious if this is a common problem with the game, is it a phone issue? app? new to the game playing on my phone…

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Didn’t know that you could uninstall it and not lose everything Tasha, good to know.


Mine quite regularly does it. Support told me to stand closer to my router as my internet was not strong enough :woman_facepalming:t3:. I found clearing the cache helps and uninstalling it if clearing the cache doesn’t help.


My game keeps crashing quite regularly at the moment or freezing up at the worst points during a game. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my app, I didn’t lose anything and it logged itself back into my Facebook also but it did not fix the problem. I’m having a slow moment because I don’t understand how you can run the app under two different usernames on the same device. mine is connected to Facebook but I don’t see how I could create another one and not have it be connected to Facebook … Not sure why I would want two though … I find I can take up enough time playing one game and with one team.

I was wondering if you could answer one question for me @Katie_Maughan, I have team members that are not on Facebook so therefore don’t get the freebies Facebook users claim off the Solitaire Page and other places on Facebook; if there are accounts aren’t connected to Facebook is there somewhere on the Forum, that I am not aware of yet, that I can direct them to to collect the same Freebies? I don’t like that they are not claiming these additional benefits especially when coins are low simply because they were smart enough not to ever open up a Facebook account. @Tasha you made a very good decision not being on Facebook; it does have its benefits and uses but where it is a blessing it is is also quite frankly a curse lol.

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Yes. It is always crashing. Sometimes more than once a week you have to delete the app and reinstall it.