My 3 Cents at least for now!

Here is my 3 cents!
I absolutely love the treasure hunt game, and thank you for giving it free once a week!! I have always loved match games!

Thank you support, sometimes it’s short, sometimes it takes multiple tickets, but a big thanks for resolving issues I had.

Thank you for all the extra freebies on the fan page, I look back on the what… 3 years I have been on here, you guys certainly have been generous from the once or twice freebie to multiple times a month, and multiple times a week!

I like the new switch up on the great race, keeps things more interesting!

Now let’s talk … the chat… how the heck can we get people to effectively notice??

Still waiting for the once you open the game app, the club notes should automatically open with a check box to mark as read. I still think this idea is Brilliant!

How about actually knowing who completed those club quests? Some people suffer from a rare case of Liarrhea ! ( I am trademarking this word lol!)

Sharing our boosters with fellow team mates would be swell!
Just one of many like I am a stuck record, but I do have my Hope’s that this will come true!

Thanks for making this my favorite game!