Mutiny is recruiting

Mutiny is currently in Platinum and with only 10 members we are hanging in and should stay in Platinum League. We are looking for daily players who want to be competitive. We love to chat and share both in our game chat and messenger. Our leaders have played together since 2017. Our team Mutiny has been through lots of changes as we have weathered some rough seas. At the moment we are public, so please join or PM me Deby Schelle. :sunglasses::sunglasses: Communication is key! And our team spirit is high! We would love to have YOU check us out! An added incentive: we get GT (gold tiki)!!

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If youโ€™re interested in merging, weโ€™re TANTRIC TWISTER. fairly new team, toggling between diamond and legend, currently in diamond. Weโ€™ve also weathered some rough seas and are looking for daily players who chat and contribute to cq

let me know if youโ€™re interested :slight_smile:

Hi Susan, I would definitely love to talk to you about this. Can you tell me a little more about what you expect in a merge. Mutiny has been around since 2017 and several of us have been together since that time. If you would like to do this in a PM, please message me: Deby Schelle