Ms B's MISFITS(just type Ms B not entire name or u may not find us(

Ms B’s Misfits is looking for a couple of competitive olayers who play on a daily basis.REQUIREMENTS :25K week(prefer u do more if at all possible)/350 TRIBUTES/MAX 24hr idle/must read chat. We will not tollerate disrespect or drama. We have loads of fun and we r very competitive. We always do 6 perks even when we were down 3 or 4 players. Please do not join our club if u cannot meet our requirements as we will defunitely remove those players. Come and have some fun time.

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I want to join you all.

Sorry Erica I’m just getting back to u my hubby had surgery and I’ve been crazy. Lol I believe we do have 1 spot open or we did have. If u r still interested let me know and I’ll se if I can get in. I’ll watch this post closer today to receive ur answer. Thx for ur interest in our club. It’s a great group I think u will enjoy it especially if u join in on our chat. We play hard but we also work hard. Hope to receive a positive response. Thx again

Hi there :blush: I would like to join your club please consider me. Thank you.

Becky, we just had an opening if u r still interested. R u in a club now? I can send u an invite if I know the clubs name or u can find us and join. When looking for our club u probably won’t find it by typing the entire name of our club but if only u type Ms B u can scroll down and usually will find it. Thank you for your interest in our club. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Awesome!! I am currently in the club MeepMeep.

Thank you :blush: