Move the Volcano card, please

I have hit the volcano card by accident numerous times…going for a wild card or by simply hitting the screen with a knuckle during play. It’s always sad and frustrating when this happens because they are such an infrequent bonus and always things worked hard for to get. Moving it’s placement up with the other bonus options in the right corner would be very beneficial. Please consider this move.


I’ve done the same thing! It can be frustrating for sure…

Me too especially if I’m on my phone. My little finger hits the VC.

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I always play on my phone and it is very aggravating especially when you have bought them. They should all be across the top and the timer and stars bar at the bottom


I have done this as well. If they can’t be moved, as least you should be able to put them back!!


I just did it this morning why can’t they be with boosters and why can’t we have the volcano cards as boostes

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There should be an undo whenever you select a booster. I’ve accidentally hit a wild or volcano card when I didn’t need it. Really sucks when you lose a booster for nothing. :frowning: