Motivated players !

We are a long established now diamond team who enjoyed our visit in the legend leagues . We need a few players who are committed to team playing , and highly competitive.
Most of my team does 60-100k weekly .
We have removed the "non team players " and those who are not motivated.
I would be interested in maybe combining forces as i have 20 Solid Players now .
We get all 7 perks and quests and are just looking for someone who enjoy playing as much as we do and have fun doing it
Send request to join to Blazed or reply here.
Good luck to everyone searching for their perfect fit. .
Min 7k daily . Optional dig. We base quests on rewards. We have skipped one or 2 now and then
Thanks ! 420

Two diamond league players looking for new club at next reset. We complete all quests and score 60+ every week. Are you still looking for players?

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Very interested in joining. Currently a Diamond League player and will be looking for an established team at reset.

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I do currently have 3 spots after reset. Please send request to join blazed .
I look forward to seeing request. Whats your gamer name please

We are an established diamond league of several yrs. Great core of 21 players . Whats your player name and i look for your join request .

I’m looking for a club. I’m a solid player but I hate to leave cards on the board; I hate to lose, so I get down low on coins daily. I’m just finding the free coin n wild sites so hopefully that will change. I’m very motivated, but sometimes I miss a day cause I’m moving. Luv to join a good team.

We ask for 7k daily play. Sorry but you need to break the habit of buying more cards to win a game. By the time u hit more cards 2 or 3x , u have just spent over 20k to win that game. Youre better off just ending the game , and refreshing your tributes .
I know its a tough habit to break , but you will find that your coin stash wont deplete so quickly. If u wanna give us a try , please send request to join “blazed” !
Thank you for your reply !