More useless ADs?

Anyone else getting more ads? The useless ones that pop up during game play and you get nothing for watching them…“thanks for playing”.
I use to get 5 or so in the mornings only, but now I’m seeing them in the afternoon and evenings too.
This just started yesterday.


@Brenda-Bear, report that in the game. It’s in the top left, click on your pic, then HELP and CONTACT US.

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Just guessing here, but I think people not hooked up with fb get those. I have one nic with fb and one without. I only get the 15-30 second ad pop-ups during game play with the one NOT connected to fb. Any way they can aggravate, they will. Then there are dozens of sale pop-ups and telling us 20 times special perk has arrived. Good grief.

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yes lots of ads. when trying to collect free coins for watching ads it’s the same 29 second ad like 15 times in a row. plus when you get 30 minutes free play there are more and more ads and long ads
give us actually 30 minutes free play no ads no Interruptions