More Fishy Stuff In Jackpot

I’ve been noticing more odd stuff in the Jackpot. My last post appears to be removed bc of the screen shot. Anyway, just now it’s approx 205am est a woman won with the same photo and name changed a tad from the previous winner only less than 15 min ago. I am a bit miffed. I won’t use real user name, I am assuming that’s why my last post from a couple of days ago was removed… Let’s just say not exactly real names…“Diamond+King” was the first winner in pretty dress, then “Diamond Hat” same person and dresss econd…

I’m sorry @jessnc, I’m confused

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I am sorry for being confusing, I am just perplexed. I saw the same person win 2x in a row a couple of days ago and posted about it, and I just witnessed it happening again. I find it odd someone would win the 1mil 2x in a row…just an observation.

Wow, I saw your post a couple days ago. It happened again? Maybe I don’t get on enough, because I didn’t notice. That is something to wonder about.

One of my club members won, so I know real people win. :smiley:

But it seems weird that 2 people would win 2 times in a row.


Good news @jessnc, your other post is not deleted :smile:

I am on alot, so I can congratulate the winners to get my free medallion I have not noticed double winners, there was a streak that had some Guest name winners.


I am glad I am not only witness. What is super odd though is name changes between the two. I am a night owl player.


I’m a daily player and go to the shrine to congratulate winners also. I have not noticed anything strange, but will take note if I do.