More Coinage Would Be Helpful

So while you do give us great opportunities to get coins to play, we don’t often get opportunities to get a lot of coins, or even enough to play a board. Most of the boards are well over a 3000 coins and we often times don’t even win over that in a day. So that makes it merely impossible to finish quests especially with how hard the boards are. This often upsets our teams making them think we are not trying or contributing and it gets us booted from teams because we cannot perform. I personally do not have the funds to buy more coins and gems, is there a way you can help us earn more outside of Facebook and what you normally give us during the game??? It would be greatly appreciated. Will work for gems and coinage!!! Thank you, P. S. I need this game for my mental health daily and it’s fustrating when I am unable to play. Lol. Have a blessed and wonderful day and holidays!!! Thank you for everything.


I agree with you. It’s not fun when you only win 1/4 of what it cost, even when you win.

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There are ways to save on coins. Never use a free play on any game that costs less than 3k (or 2,850 if have perk 6). Also, when you have free plays, if you do NOT force the win, you gain whatever coins you win in that game. You should rarely force the win, costs too much for extra cards. Certainly no more than 1 set of extra cards, and then, only if you have only 1 card left. Or if you have 2 cards in a run, like 5-6 or 9-10, etc. Actually, having the 2 cards in a run is better. Because if you have the 5-6, a 4, 5, 6, or 7 will play them both. Increases the odds. Try to save your wilds for tribute games…higher points (although I find the tribute games pay lousy coins unless you get the streaks). If struggling for coins, avoid the digging game like the plague. Mini tiki games in beginning can help you and it seems that now, those games add to your club score. Some like the relays but I never go past level 7, they get ridiculously harder. Good luck!

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There are great tips to building coins if you search the topic.
Advancement in the game is a thing of the past for me as the higher levels get harder-my thoughts.
I play smarter not harder for club quest and personal
*which means I often go back and play tiki island Or my found good levels which are different for everyone, while waiting for tributes to refresh

There are also teams that have what they call a rest week and they play small amounts while building coins that week…

Building coins takes time and patience and smart playing.

I have never been successful in building coins. But I’m going to research this more.

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I wish I had found the forum before getting hung up in advancing threw the game,
I have just as much fun with the levels Iv stoped at then the stress of trying to beat them.
But it’s all about what you want and if beating the game is it that’s your choice but I just like to relax and play a great game with a twist…
Good luck to you!

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Not at all. I’ve been playing for a long time and just now beat the tiki board. Lol. I like playing the challenges. And the competitions. I take my time that’s for sure.