Missing notes in Chat

Strange things have been happening in Chat. This morning I calculated how many points each player needs to contribute to win Perk 6. My co- leader says she saw it. It is gone! How can that happen? I didn’t think you could erase chat. Other things, such as someone answering a supposed question that is not there. I feel like I walked in to the middle. It can not be that they are finishing a chat on messenger or something here on our chat because, only a few of us use messenger. Just little strange things. Any ideas? Should I reort missing chat?

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It hasn’t happened to me but it has to my co-leader. You could report it but I don’t know if anything would get done. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sharon. I kind of figured it isn’t worth reporting. But. I would like to know how that happened. They would have not had a reason to remove my posting. And I really do not think they monitor chat.

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Yeah i know. My co-leader gets frustrated. I have to catch her up and that takes time. I don’t know why it happens to some and not others. :slight_smile:

Please do report it, so the developers can look into it, place the ticket under glitch/technical issues, you may not get a personalized message, but if you do want to follow up, give them a week and respond back with the ticket number they gave you

OK will do. Thank you for your help.

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