Missing Leader, no co-leader

Our leader has been gone for months. Is she dead? The club is full but, only 2 of us play regularly. Can I take over? We can not get anywhere with only 2 players.arly. I like the club and would like to stay in it.we just need a leader.Club name is Fun Town.


Join loyalty club. New club


If only two of you play, you need to leave your club. It would be frustrating to not have a leader.


No you cannot take over. If the leader no longer plays then there is nothing you can do. She would have to leave the club and & choose someone else to be leader. As long as she is on the club she will forever remain the leader.

My suggestion would be to look for another club. You can’t kick any of the inactive players out unless you are a leader or xo-leader so you are stuck with everyone who is in your club now.


I wish they had a date, maybe 6 months, if a person doesn’t play, they are removed. If they are leader, the most active player gets the horns.


I have been in other clubs and everyone kicked me out when I missed one day of playing. I do play most days but, I have a life that prevents me from some days. It is very frustrating to not have a leader but, even when I first joined most of the club had not played in over 6 months and she obviously did nothing. So, I hang in there hoping something will happen. If, the players who no longer play left new ones could take their place. Thanks for your responses.


There are other clubs that only require playing every 48 hours, you just need to find them. Most clubs do have an 18-24 hour idle time but I have seen some that allow a longer away time. I wouldn’t stay in a club where the leader was no active. You will never get anywhere in the game unless there is an active leader who sets rules and follows them.


Our club has a 24 hour idle rule, but we also have a Facebook group. As long as you notify the leaders that you will be out (ie vacation) you are okay. It’s all about communication.


I’m in a club that is full. Only 7 of us play regularly. Of the others, many haven’t been active for anywhere from 40 to 60+ days. The leader is usually not one of the most active players. The rest of us are usually logging on every day. I do not want to be the leader, but someone else might. With a full club, and so many just taking up space, no one else can enter. Apparently, based on this post, this can’t be fixed

I, too, would like rules like - no activity for three (etc) months, TriPeaks boots the person from the club. if the club is full of people who don’t play, no players can enter to support those who are.


When i go to clubs to try to find new plaayers, I see doxens of those clubs. Some have no one laing! It. Is strange that gsn has not cleaned those out.
If no one is coeader, you will have to leave. Go fb, layer relocation and ask for a ub to take all of you. Or, you can start your own group if someone wi be leader. It is difficult to get a new club going. Best to joi a club.


But how can a coleader switch the horn when a leader is idle over 8 days?


It is very frustrating! I wanted to join “Purple ppl” They are full. Per Amanda@ GSN, they can not delete any players only the leader can.
Players 16 - 25 have been idle over 600 days!
The leader’s name is Guest… Co leader is Donna (#9 - idle 297 days)

Team Blazed. Gold league active players come join us :two_hearts:

Join a team that is active!

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I’m in Arizona Sand. The leader usually plays every day. The club is full with players who have not played in hundreds of days! I tried to contact the “leader” to ask her if she would kick them out so we could get some players who actually play…crickets. Totally frustrating! If a task takes 3 players to win, there’s no way and that day is lost.

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@Sher74, find another club where the leader is aware :slight_smile:

How many points a week are you comfortable earning?

Why would you want to join a team like that. That actually is no team

I have a question.i created my own club over a year ago, had one person as co leader… All the sudden I’m co leader and some random club member is now leader? How did this happen what can I do

@Courtney_Davis, did you accidentally leave your club, or couldn’t play for a couple weeks?

The person you assigned as your coleader, are they still a coleader?

The randomly assigned leader, do they pay attention to chat? Can you ask for your horns back?

No, I haven’t left my club. I’m an active player. I don’t ever idle over 16- 24 hrs. The person I assigned to be co-leader (my husband) is still a co leader… The person who magically became leader of our club… Doesn’t even play much… Nor does he/she read / respond to any chats …