Missing Gems and red stars

I have not been getting My red star booster when we finish the propper perk and I did not get my 500 gems this week.

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@Jeff_the_Poi_Hunter, did you report it to Tripeaks? In the game, tap on your profile (top left corner), then Help, then Contact Us

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That brings me here.

Hi @Jeff_the_Poi_Hunter, I made a couple screenshots for you. On the first one, look at the bottom of the screenshot, you’ll see the Contact Us button. That will take you to a form to fill out to create a trouble ticket. Hope this helps :smiley:

Well now don’t I feel stupid. Thanks so much!!!


@Jeff_the_Poi_Hunter, That help button in the game used to go directly to that form. It was good that Tripeaks added a comprehensive FAQ, but I think it made finding the link to the form a little harder to find.

Glad you have it now, & hope it helps. :smiley:

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No don’t everyone does it I I sent to wrong spot it was returned to my email so now I don’t know what to do with 3 of them oops

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