Missed tribute quest

We got at night 2 days ago redstars at 10.30 pt, we dont complete. But nobody cleared until today 1.30 am pt. All other teams got tributes yesterday. We didnt got tributes, instead we got play games. Is there a timeline between teams can get the tributes and when at what time did it start? From 12 pm pt to 12 pm pt?

Thank you

Oh! That’s a good question hopefully someone can answer, I personally don’t follow the schedule.

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I’m kinda unclear on what your asking?
You state red stars …red star leaderboard reset 2 days ago.
(It’s Sunday at12am central time for me)
But then you state I wasn’t cleared or Finished :woman_shrugging:t2: Then you ask about tributes quest.

If the question is about clubquest no team will get them at exactly the same time because it depends on when you finish it or the time runs out …
Some teams finish 2 or 3 club quest a day. When other it takes the full 24hrs allowed time.

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We dont got tributes. And i ask if anybody know if there is a timewindow in witch you have to finish a cq to get tributes. I have a theory. You have to start a cq between 12 pm pt and 12 pm the next day when cq drop.
We start redstar cq at 10.30 pm. We dont complete it but nobody from team reset it before 1.30 am = 27 hours later. So we missed tributes because we start outside the 24 hour timewindow 12 pm and 12 pm…

That’s an interesting one. Our club doesn’t make a point of doing club quests, if we happen to complete one great, but when the tribute quest comes up that one is mandatory for our team.
So sometimes the quest expires, once someone hits dismiss the next one in line starts, I’ve had a quest that expired and we didn’t get, and I myself didn’t hit dismiss, when I finally hit dismissed, the next one was already completed and I did not contribute so I didn’t get anything, by clicking ok, it took me to the next active quest.
If every person in the club is not dismissing a quest I don’t actually know what happens. Perhaps you fall behind in quests? It’s an interesting question, and I hope my information has shed some light for you!


Yes agree club quest run on 24 hr cycling regardless, so like Tracy said if you didn’t hit dismiss you may miss something or if it’s completed with out your help you may miss a quest also.
If your timer for club quest is running longer then 24 hrs that is most definitely weird…


I logged on this morning to find my first daily quest had been dismissed, before I even knew it started. What up with that?

I got it with support… I am leader of the team. Out complete team didnt get the tribute quest. Tribute quest are available a day at pt 00.00 am - 11.59 pm. When the team dont start the new quest in this 24 hours, the team miss the quest. So happened to us. We started the redstars at 10.30 pm the day before tributes. We dont complete redstars. Nobody from the hole team dismissed the quest until 1.30 am the day after tributes. So we missed it.