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I’ve been playing for a long time and it seems like you keep making it harder to win.


I wish you could raise the friends help to 30 :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a good idea !

When i first started playing the games was a blast! Not so much now. The games are extremely expensive to win. They cost approximately 3000 to play and around 7000 to 20,000 to win.instead of being fun it’s frustrating.i bought a diamond chest and should’ve at the least received 48,000 and i received 35,000. Not acceptable.i would be great if you could correct this. It would be wonderful if you could make the games more reasonable to play. Thank you


I love the rewards. Not really sure what I am doing on this! I just want my 5 wild cards!

I hate the bombs! Yes it was fun, not anymore! Co
Costs too too much, 160,000 coins for half hour of playing, you are raking in the money


I love to play daily , I started a few months ago and was playing many other games. Now I Only Play Tri Peak Solitaire. I LOVE THIS GAME !

Hi @Tiki-Tahd
Has somebody done what you have suggested and requested below; creating a topic for feedback with the the information you have provided?

I have searched and haven’t found anything that I think is exactly what you have suggested; however I don’t want to do something that has already been done.

I was wanting to create a post regarding some of the the comments raised within my team. The two main items are 1) not having access to the friends centre or being able to request friends or be requested as friends and benefit from coin sharing
2) the second one is difficult to explain as I’m not sure I understand it. I have a player @smokey (sorry I can’t add the title because I can only see 2 and I think there are more usernames below). This user has explained that they do not have a view to anything except through Club Quests. We do have a team Facebook group and I am trying to encourage this particular player to join, as the majority of our players have, so that they can share screenshots and I can get a clearer idea of what they are referring to. This may be enough information for TriPeaks to know what is referencing… Actually there is a 3) topic as well but I believe there is been a large amount of feedback on this already. I think everybody in our team as the newer Jackpot with the lessor rewards and options within it; it has also been mentioned that the general consensus is it is unfair that Guests; users with apparently no username or profile that we do not allow to be part of our team unless they create one. Our reasoning for this is by not creating a username and profile they are showing as that they are not committed to the game and do not have an intention of staying. I actually don’t know how you join without creating a profile, that being said I came across your profile earlier today where there was no profile name what username. It was very clearly an active player though as it listed there red and gold star accumulation and club points along with the Island and level they are currently working on.

So should I create the post under the guidelines you have posted could you direct me to one that has been created. Is it more worthwhile for me to contact TriPeaks through the contact tab listing the issue and get her support number and response that way.

Look forward to your comments thank you.

@lynne @thepokemongo

I’m exactly the same, I’ve played for nearly two years, With a short break between. I’m struggling to win games now and becoming very frustrated and ready to quit.

Agree. It has become more and more difficult to win. Win playing games the easier games, it can take 2 to 3 tries. Playing harder games, 5 to 6 tries. Does the game learn from your level of skill and make it harder? I don’t have 3 hours a day to help my team by meeting my club quest. It wasn’t always like this. I’m supposed to be having fun.

I cantvsee what im writing

Omg.I’m so sorry if I am the one making the game harder. I don’t understand how much it hurts to think it’s my fault . Please forgive me and tell me how it’s my fault please

I completely agree. I feel like I get cheated