Minimum Tribute Requirement Alternatives?

Hi Guys!

I’m currently a co-leader on a high Diamond League team. We are a pretty laid-back club with very reasonable expectations (2k before first idle, 2k pt min daily, no tribute mins, 24 hr idle, etc).

We’ve never had to enforce the min pt requirement. Our lowest scoring players average 5k a day. We realize that life come first!

We intentionally set the expectations low, knowing that most ppl would exceed them.

We don’t want to implement a minimum tribute requirement, but it’s clear that some ppl are not doing their part. We have some very high scoring players with very low tribute counts.

Lately, the volcano has been getting very angry! A disproportionate number of players are having to refresh early at a cost.

For the teams that don’t have min tribute requirements, how do you ensure fairness, when it comes to keeping the volcano happy?

For example, I think I’ve seen some teams require a percentage of tributes to points. If your team plays that way, what percentage is fair?

Any other ideas on how we can keep the volcano happy?

Thank you!

My team (Dunedain) is a top 10 diamond league team we have a 0.5% tributes to points rule (which I think is fair) and it seems to keep the volcano happy most of the time. Hope that helps. :grinning: