Minimum system requirements....

Does anyone know what the minimum system requirements are for playing the game? I have looked everywhere and cannot find what’s recommended. I know my Andriod tablet is below standards & would like to know what to look for in a new one. Thanks!!

I think you need android 4.4.2. My tablet is too old. :frowning:

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I have Andriod Go (lite version) with only 1 gig of Ram. I can barely play. That’s why I was hoping to find a minimum requirement…

This makes me wonder…
If that is why I get kicked out a lot on my older devices… they are updated with latest versions available for the product and the game but seems they still work but not to my satisfaction.


Likely. I am constantly kicked, the game slows after 5 or 10 minutes of play and I know I need to restart. And the moment someone uses chat - there I go.

I can’t even load the game on my tablet anymore. :frowning:

I have complained to them regarding my freezing and shutting down problems…part of their solution has been this:

) Please make sure you are connected to a strong internet source, whether WiFi or 3G/4G network. You can check your connection speeds here:
4) Make sure your device has at least 200 MB of disk space available.

Hope this helps - good luck with buying a new tablet…