Mini Tikis and More

I love this game but over the last several months it’s become less fun. I love the mini tikis even though I could never get through them all! I HATE the scavenger hunts! I also dislike how difficult it’s become to win games-I get that they shouldn’t be easy but it’s to the point of where I have to spend thousands of coins to win. I wish they would bring back the variety of daily challenges and let us be able to choose rather then the scavenger hunts-I cannot express how much I dislike them.
I liked the mini tikis-it was nice to be able to earn prizes and a nice addition to the game-plus it’s optional!
I hope they bring it back soon!!!


In the latest update they mentioned karatiki ,I’m up to date and have not seen them yet.:cry: I enjoy the side games.
Wish they would bring back treasure match!

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