Middle Eastern / Ararbic Speaking Group

Looking to see if anyone knows of any middle eastern / Arabic speaking clubs that would be willing to accept a member. I am a leader , have an arabic only speaking member on my team. Ive tried to communicate, but he only one time said in arabic that he didnt speak english, so im doubting he even reads chat
I want him to be comfortable and enjoy the game with folks he can talk to . Anyone can help please? Thanks !! Id like to add this member pulls 20 to 30 k weekly


That’s awesome that you are looking for a comfortable place for your club member! There are ways to translate languages, but if they don’t check chat (probably because of the language barrier) there probably isn’t a lot you can do.

Google has a translate feature, if you want to try to reach out to your teammate. There istutorial here to help.

Tutorial: Translating Game Chat Conversation 🌐


Thank.you for your reply. Im gonna keep trying to communicate to.him. he did post to in chat one time but i had no clue what he was saying as i didnt know the language. I will check out your link and hope for the best. Thank you again :purple_heart::purple_heart: