Message board inbox

I’m wondering about the message board found in your inbox of the game, I’m NOT a Facebook user is that what it is based for? Because I can not sent a message to a team member that would be nice to do there? I’m the leader of our group and the message thing is like useless to me? Help ?


If someone wants to join your club you will find that notice in your message inbox. Only the leaders and coleaders have this box.

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Oh thanks, Iv always seen the “!” Point Over our mailbox by the clubhouse guess I didn’t put it all together. But it would be nice if we could message other co- leaders threw there. Thanks again,

I wish we could too. Our club has a Facebook messenger group with the leader and coleaders. But you said you don’t do Facebook. Another option would be a WhatsApp group or a GroupMe group.

Ok I’m not sure what those are, I’m aware of Facebook(drama), I’m also not very good with technology yet,lol, welcome to the 20th century. Maybe I’ll check into those, I’d like to communicate W other leaders in my group, I’m obsessed w this game,(take notes on our group) and have reason to boot the people but would really like there input to. Thanks again for your replies :grinning: