Merry'sMisfits Platinum team

We are a platinum team looking for a few Good Loyal players. Some people that can read the rules, understand them, and actually chat when necessary or when you want! We have an awesome team, we are just like a family. The problem is people come in that refuse to chat. They disappear before they get the required cp. They get the required cp then disappear for days without a word. They qualify for the CC and don’t dig. It’s a crazy roller coaster, all I’m asking for are good reliable players that read and follow the rules. Players that LIKE to play the game. If this is you, let me know your game name and request to join. Thank you!

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We are having the same issues at DJ’s. We are Diamond level but can’t retain a full 25 member team and bounce back to Platinum. New players say hi and then go silent , or just grab the goods and leave. It’s so frustrating. We have really easy rules as well. Just ask for 350 tributes minimum, max all Tribute CQs and max cqs that our leader chooses. It’s crazy!

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All I ask for is 15,000 cp and 100 tributes and do the CQ. It keeps us in Platinum which is where we like it. I can’t understand why people join a team then get upset that they are expected to do what the rest of the team does. This time it’s really kicking us down, I have lost good players because we don’t have enough people to complete a CQ. I don’t know what else to do. Does your leader pick CQ based on the reward?

I love to play but I mainly get to play more in evenings, late night and weekends. I really like the people on our team but they aren’t dedicated to the team so there’s challenges missed, etc. I’m not the best but love the game. I’m currently playing with Margaritaville. Thank you, Cindy Woodhouse

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It sounds like you play daily and try for the CQ. I think you are a good fit for our team, which we consider as family. Give me your game name and request to join us! I will accept you then, I look forward you becoming one of us!

My game name is Cindy and I currently play on Margaritaville, which are a great group of people .

If you would like to join our team please send a request to join Merrys Misfits. I tried looking you up and I only stone leagues came up with the name Margaritaville. Under Merrys Misfits some people found us with apostrophes and some without
Merry’s Misfit’s or
Merrys Misfits

Thank you!

We are still looking for a few good, loyal players on our platinum team. We have gotten new players, but some come just for cashing in, some avoid the simple rules, some don’t chat. Either way they haven’t been a good fit. Are you? Come find out!

I guess if you want a diamond team you could go to the lady’s team that replied to my search.