members required for club quests

I think it is unfair to make club quests that require 25 members to participate, Some clubs do not even have 25 members and even if they do it can be difficult for everyone to max out, I feel like by doing this you are setting us up for failure, Also I think we should be able to remove member for competitions that have left or were removed from the club.


yes there are. We have had tribute quests that require 25.


We’re gold / platinum and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a quest needing 25 members !

Ours require anywhere between 16 and 22

25 is bizarre.


There are definitely CQ requiring 25 members which is crazy especially if you only have 23 members!

I am apart of a top 10 diamond league team and all of our tribute quests require 25 members. I believe it depends on what league your club is in.


You are wrong. The tributes quest worth 920 gems needs 25 people to get 120 tributes for a total of 3,000.

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I wonder if it depends on the level of your club. We are a gold club, sometimes making into platinum., and I’ve never seen a club quest needing 25 members. I also wonder if it depends on how successful your club is at achieving the quest. We have a few members who don’t contribute much to quests, and frustratingly, we don’t get the prize. I think the last tribute quest we did asked for 19 members. and our other quests regularly require 18 members. Today we had a quest for number of games played, and we only needed 16 members. We currently have 24 members.

Okay, our team went to legend last week and we used to always get 120 tributes for 920 gems and we always won it. This is our first tribute quest in legend and it’s 176 tribute for a little over 1,000 gems.

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It depends on the league you are in. My team is diamond league, and all of our tribute quests require 25 people.

We just had this too (176 tributes for 1080 gems). We are still diamond league, so not sure what triggered it.

Yep tributes are usually 24 or 25 members needed to max

Platinum & above due have club quests that require 25 players:TRIBUTE TRAPPER. Plus Tri-Peaks has issued new rules that u can only collect reward from one club. Prior to new rule if a club was short players you could join max their club quest (CQ) & collect reward once they finished the CQ & max on your current club & collect reward if club finished CQ. It was nice to be rewarded for helping another team out as without that help the entire team wouldn’t be able to receive reward as team only had 24 of 25 players needed. Tri-Peaks instead should have an algorithm that puts an end to club hoppers. Players that endlessly & sometimes repeatively join then leave multiple times in one day or play week. Hoppers dont max any CQ or help in any manner rather than putting an end to receiving reward from two teams on a particular CQ

I’ve never seen 25 either. We do get 22 and 21 often, and just now we have had between 18-20 members. We have been in transition.
Sadly because of this we were downgraded from platinum to gold.
There’s no justification for setting clubs up to fail.

Its not bizarre, its the norm. We have always needed 25 members for tribute quests

You may have never seen it because Gold league (and under) with low rankings and low members will often require less than the full 25 members

Can u help me? How can I get message created, same problem as you & I need to know how to get new players, can I delete the 17 that have never played or won’t we be able to play with 7 players. Really need help. Thank you.

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Tap on player name & hit remove

Oui tu peut supprimer les joueurs si tu est chef ou sous chef en cliquant sur le nom du joueur un message apparaît

What is the team standing within the league? If you are in diamond top 10, you might get 176 tributes quest. Yesterday my diamond team got 176 tributes for 11 point doubles.

I recommend working together with another team. Trade help. Some members have second accounts that they use to cover the gaps and/or absent members. There is also a Facebook Solitaire Tripeaks addicts group where you may ask for help with tributes quest. Just be prepared to help back.

I think they should give us the option to play another round in place of missing members, that would make things so much easier on all of us in cases of members not doing their part or lack of members to finish.

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I agree! I almost never have enough members of my club play club quest to earn gems despite how much I ask them to! I completed a survey about a month or 2 ago suggesting that very thing. I wish they’d listen.

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